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About the Water Meter Tool

I’ve installed and replaced hundreds of water meters over the past 40 years and I know what a tough job it is.   Other water distribution professionals told me they agreed. There had to a better way to do the job!  

Two hands just weren’t enough to hold the meter in place and tighten the connections for a good installation.

They needed something to stabilize the meter and allow a fast two-handed install – and so the Water Meter Tool was born!

Thanks to the input of utility workers with over 75 years of experience in the world of water distribution, I created the Water Meter Tool. Water meters have changed though the years and well-designed companion tools can help make the change-out process faster and easier.

Is your water meter installation process still a time-consuming two-person job? Enjoy the cost and time savings of using the Water Meter Tool. A Water Meter Tool  in the hands of every installer will pay for itself with increased productivity and reduced costs.

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Dave Tyler
Inventor of the Water Meter Tool

P.S. I love making hard-working utility workers’ jobs easier. Do you have an idea for a companion tool for water distribution professionals? Please email me or visit our Contact Us page.

Water Meter Tool: Patent #8,936,038

 "It's great to be able to hold the meter in place while tightening the meter spuds." -Dan C.


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Patent #8,936,038

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